The Artistic Answer To Montreal's Homelessness Problem

A better way to provide shelter to those without a home.
The Artistic Answer To Montreal's Homelessness Problem

Gregory Kloehn is an artistic architect with an innovative and creative housing solution to any city's homeless population.

Using machine scraps, random pieces of homes, and whatever else that can be found on the street, Kloehn constructs cozy micro-homes for the homeless, at almost zero cost.

The initiative is part of Kloehn's Homeless Homes Project, where he has built tiny homes (door, shelves, amenities, and sleeping area included) for the homeless in California.

Montreal, an artistic city with its own homelessness problem, would be the perfect city to house these artistic homes for the homeless. Couldn't you just picture one of these on Montreal's streets? They'd add an extra flair to the city, and be especially useful come winter.

See some of Kloehn's cost-effective homes below.

Should Montreal have these?

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