You've no doubt heard the expression "size doesn't matter". 

Well it looks as though it matters to someone, because when you Google "penis sizes around the world" there is a ludicrous amount of data about it. 

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And before you ask, yes, Canadians have bigger dicks than Americans

There are actually interactive maps that track penis sizes around the world and compare them to find out which nationality of men are packing more heat. 

The top 5 countries are: 

  1. Congo - 17.93cm
  2. Ghana - 17.31cm
  3. Ecuador - 17.77cm
  4. Colombia - 17.03cm
  5. Venezuela - 17. 03cm

My only question is with regards to whether this data takes into account nationality in addition to location.

What if you're an Italian who was born in Canada, do you average the sizes of Canadians and Italians or is this purely based on the country your were born. And if it is based on where your parents were born, then what happens if your parents come from two countries? 

If that's the case, then if you're father is from Ghana and your mother is from Korea, you're about to be very confused.