The Bal En Blanc 2013 Guide

The Bal En Blanc 2013 Guide!

Bal en Blanc is back for another spectacular night that will never be forgotten. Again they have juiced their line up with some of the best DJ's known to man, and all of them are ready to rave your head off. We want to prepare you, the wonderful public of Montreal for a night that could only be found in sweet dreams, until now.  The once in a life time all night party is nearly upon us, and we all need to respect the shear power that is Bal en Blanc. Immerse yourself in the experience,  the spectrum of euphoria, but first - allow us to inform you regarding everything you need to know to assure the best night of your far.

Dress Code 

  • The goal is to mystify the audience, acting as a fraction of the collective spectacle.
  • Wear white - head to toe.
  • Show some skin, be sexy, but not too sexy ;)
  • Dress comfortably, its a long night with a lot of movement.
  • Be unique and original, stick out in the crowd.
  • Ladies wear shoes you can dance in, guys that's a given.
  • Glasses are not necessary!
  • Avoid too much neon, no one likes a poser.
  • Thrift shops are key. You can reuse your gear at our party ;)

  • Get some liquor in your system. (NOT TOO MUCH, it's a long night.)
  • Gather your posse of fine ladies and handsome fellas.
  • Drink in a friend's home or in an alley, it's an expensive night  so save $$$
  • Make sure everyone is in the raving spirit.
  • Make sure everyone in your group is comfortable with their attire. (help others have fun and look crazy)
  • Leave valued possessions at home.
  • Go hard or go home, and you're not going home.


  • Avoid sneaking in bottles, they will find them.
  • Delegate a meeting place for you and your party, you will get separated in the chaos.
  • Avoid wearing a coat if possible, checking it is a pain in the ass.
  • Stay hydrated and energized.
  • If your drunk when you show up, stay drunk. It's better that way.
  • Given: don't get too damn drunk!
  • Fighting for the front is not worth it, just enjoy :)
  • Buy a friend a drink, karma works.
  • Help all and be happy, Share the love <3

  • Location is Palais des Congres
  • Bal en Blank 19 website (Tix, lineup, schedule, etc.)
  • There will be chill out areas, use them.
  • A massage service will be on site for body pleasure.
  • Bar goes from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. so plan accordingly.
  • If you cant attend, watch the live broadcast here
  • <3<3<3<3 Love yourself and others <3<3<3

Now crank up the tunes to the attached track and prepare yourself for a night to remember .

Cover photo by David Giral.

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