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The Bay Is Having An Insane 90% Off Spring Shoes Sale

OMG, guys - shoes! 

It's springtime, and all the stores are clearing out their winter stock to make room for the new collections. 

This is not to mean that all the cool sale stuff is meant for cold weather wear. 

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The Hudson's Bay Co. is always raising the bar when it comes to seasonal sales. 

Right now, they have a ton of spring shoes on sale with average discounts of 40-60% off, and many items going up as high as 90% off! 

90% OFF!... and no, we're not lying to you. 

Via The Bay

There are plenty of options, but some sizes are going fast so I'd act now. 

For once, the sale stuff isn't favorable to women. Men also have a ton of stuff on sale, with some shoes like this $200 pair of dress shoes running at only $20!

Also, it's not only shoes on sale and clearance. Lots of items at The Bay are on sale right now, both online and in-store.

Via The Bay

Clearly, the time to grab some new shoes for spring is right now!

You may be able to find some of these guys in stores, but I'd say you're much better off shopping all the sale stuff from the comfort of your own home.

The Bay does accept in-store returns on their orders, after all.

Check out The Bay's Spring Sale selection right here.

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