The Bay Is Now Selling The Most Badass 3 Piece Christmas Suits For $129

Forget about ugly Christmas sweaters this year, because that trend is officially over and done with.

This year, if you want to make a splash at your next Christmas party, there's only one thing you need to know:

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It's all about Christmas Suits!

Anyone can wear and ugly sweater to get a cheap laugh, but a true gentleman knows that the only way to make a lasting impact is by rocking a fine 3 piece suit.

And the only better than a 3 piece suit is a ridiculously festive Christmas suit.

Opposuits has been making these crazy suits for a few years now, but this year you can actually get them in-store at The Bay. And the best part is that it'll only cost you a few dollars more than most ugly Christmas sweaters.

Get your own Christmas suit HERE.

There are many different holiday themed suits to choose from including:

Get your own Christmas suit HERE.