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The Beautiful "Pick-Your-Own" Flower Field Near Montreal You Must Visit ASAP

Miles of pure beauty!
The Beautiful "Pick-Your-Own" Flower Field Near Montreal You Must Visit ASAP

Quebec is home to some stunning flower fields and farms, however none compare to this stunning "pick your own" flower field located near Montreal. With a variety of flowers ranging from sunflowers, daisies, tulips and many more, you can expect to make a beautiful bouquet and take some fabulous Instas!

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With the stunning weather we have been having and will be having in the up-coming week, I suggest taking this small road trip to Cedar Circle Farm! They also have strawberry picking, pumpkin picking and other farm activities.

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Cedar Circle Farm is located 3 hours away from Montreal in East Thetford which is between the mountains of Vermont. The whole farm is surrounded by stunning flowers and mountains making for a beautiful landscape!  They even have planted flowers that you can buy and grow in your garden. 

pick your own🌱 i could've done this all day 🌷

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This has been THE location for cute pictures due to the colorful flowers that you can find around every corner! Cedar Circle Farm has 40 acres of flower fields and even 6 greenhouses so you can pick your own ALL year long. Plus, you can 514% trust Cedar Circle Farm since they have been growing flowers and certified organic fruits and vegetables along the Connecticut River since 2001!via @susanna_lee_taylor


  • Our pick your own flower patch is open 10-6
  • The garden is open from July through late September
  • Check in at the farmstand for scissors and a bucket
  • Prices are per stem
  • The cut flowers we grow are carefully selected for color, stem strength and vase life

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Facebook/Cedar Circle Farm

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