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The Best Deep Fried Pickles You Have To Eat Way More Than Just Once In Montreal

Once these hit your lips it's game over.
The Best Deep Fried Pickles You Have To Eat Way More Than Just Once In Montreal

If you took one look at this title and thought, 'Seriously? Deep fried pickles? Ew', then first of all, we can't be friends. Second of all, trust me, you have no idea what you're missing. Forget mozzarella sticks or nachos, deep fried pickles are the new up-and-coming appetizer.

In a city with tons of smoked meat restaurants, delis, and burger joints, good quality pickles aren't hard to come by in Montreal. And when those pickles are deep fried in a savoury batter? Well, that's nothing short of culinary excellence - and no, not because it's fancy, but because it's flavourful beyond belief.

So, the next time you're out for a good burger, smoked meat sandwich, or any other deli-style comfort food, consider adding deep fried pickles to your regimen. Between the crunch, acidity, and the perfect mix of salty-sweet flavours, these spears of awesomeness are guaranteed to take your foodie game to the next level.

1. Burger Royal

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3820 Boul St-Laurent

I'm a little too obsessed with Burger Royal, and let me tell you, their deep fried pickles are one of the main reasons I keep coming back. There is no skimping when it comes to the spears at Burger Royal; they are full-sized pickles, deep fried to perfection and served so hot, you have to wait to take a bite - and the wait will be excruciating, trust me.


2. Poutineville

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1365 Rue Ontario E | Multiple locations

For all the fried pickle skeptics: this local chain restaurant serves a 'Montrealer' poutine, which is served with a deep fried pickle right on top. So, even if you're hesitant to try one, evidently, deep fried pickles are a staple for this Montreal-inspired poutine. You can't deny it any longer - these things are invading, and they're delicious.


3. Deville Dinerbar

A photo posted by Deville Dinerbar (@devilledinerbar) on

This trendy restaurant specializes in inventive dishes and new twists on old classics, so it makes sense that they're hopping on the deep fried pickle bandwagon. Here, they're served as an appetizer, so it's the perfect way to try them out with your other dinner guests.


4. L'Gros Luxe

A photo posted by C A T H L A F (@cathlaf_) on

3807 Rue Saint-André | Multiple locations

When it comes to food trends, you know the ever-popular L'Gros Luxe has your back. This spot is famous for their crazy caesars, and what pairs better with a savoury drink than a deep fried pickle? L'Gros Luxe serves them with harissa mayo, thus guaranteeing the perfect spicy-sweet crunch.


5. La Belle & La Boeuf

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1620 Rue Sainte-Catherine | Multiple locations

If you've ever eaten at La Belle & La Boeuf, you know they don't hold back when it comes to portions, and that they do classic diner comfort foods so well. Thus, it's only natural that this restaurant would serve up some amazing deep fried pickles, and they absolutely do. In fact, they use Kool-Aid as a component to fry the pickles - sounds crazy, right? Crazy, but so, so good.


6. Diablos BBQ

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3619 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Deep fried pickles originate from southern/soul food cuisine, so it's only natural that a southern BBQ restaurant would serve them. Rest assured that the pickles at Diablos are fried perfectly, and they make for the best start to the rest of your BBQ-style pig-out.


7. Mckibbin's Irish Pub

A photo posted by Henry Cheang (@hsh_chea) on

1426 Rue Bishop | Multiple locations

Montrealers love this local bar chain, for its great ambiance, relaxed atmosphere, and cheap drinks. Well, now you have another reason to love them: deep fried pickles. I mean, a few spears, some beer, and other pub fare? It's a trio made in heaven, if you ask me.


8. Le Ballpark

A photo posted by The Main (@themain) on

6660 Rue Clark

This trendy, rustic restaurant is right on point with their fried pickle offerings in the appetizer round. The ambiance is perfect for large groups, so grab your friends, take over a table, and bond over your love of these delicious deep fried spears.


9. RUBS American BBQ

A photo posted by cpapouts79 (@cpapouts79) on

17 Rue Prince Arthur E | Multiple locations

As I mentioned, deep fried pickles were basically born out of the BBQ pit, and this Montreal chain restaurant also does them in the Kool-Aid style. You might be wondering by now, why Kool-Aid? Apparently it helps balance out the salt and acidity of the pickle, leaving you with a perfect combination of salty-sweet flavours. Sounds good to me.


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