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11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They Love Gelato

Let's be honest, it's better than ice cream!

Okay, I know some of you are wondering what the difference is between gelato and regular ice cream. For some people, these sweet treats are exactly the same... but, friends, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Richer, creamier, and silkier than normal ice cream, gelato adds a whole new level to the frozen treat game. And, luckily for all of us, Montreal has tons of super legit spots to enjoy this creamy, sweet delight.

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1. Gelaterie Pierino

1884 Rue Jean-Talon E

Okay, two words: Sambuca coffee gelato. That's right, friends. The gelato at Pierino - homemade fresh using super high quality ingredients - is some of the tastiest, most decadent, and most authentic gelato in the city, with awesome flavours with awesome flavours like Irish coffee, orange Creamsicle, and pina colada.

Not only does this spot specialize in serving up some seriously on point gelato, but they've also got you covered if you like your cold desserts with a bit of a kick.

How, you ask? By ways of their alcohol infused gelato. You've got to order it a bit in advance, but trust me, it's more than worth it. Mimosa ice cream, here we come!


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2. Roberto

2221 Rue Bélanger

Want a nice cup of authentic Italian gelato? Look no further. Roberto's has been serving up their tasty treats to Montrealers for decades, and there's one very good reason as to why this spot has been on the scene for so long.

Their gelato is, frankly, out of this world amazing. Served up icy cold and creamy, they've got some incredibly flavourful classic varieties (like their Melone, which is my personal favourite, and their ever-popular Pistachio), and some equally awesome unique ones (like Amaretto). Best part? You can take a container of it home, so you can quench your thirst for Roberto's gelato forever.


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3. Chez Vincenzo

500 Rue Villeray

Friends, has gelato ever been your whole life? Well, it's pretty much my whole life - so you can trust me when I say that if you're a gelato fanatic, you're going to want to get yourself to Villeray's Chez Vincenzo. And fast.

The owner's got the formula for super authentic Italian gelato down pat. Honestly, the stuff here is rich, sweet, and downright magical - and, with flavours like Panna Cotta, Biscotti, and Pistachio, you seriously cannot go wrong.


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4. La Dolce Vita

3776 St.Charles N

West Island friends, this one's for you. Although La Dolce Vita is located in Kirkland, which might be a bit of a trek for some of us, it's well worth the travel time.

This spot knows the secret to amazing gelato, friends, and whatever it's doing - well, it's working. La Dolce Vita's super flavourful, super thick, and super delicious gelato comes in tons of flavours (including sugar-free ones), but my personal favourite? Their Panettone flavour, for a cold, tasty spin on everyone's favourite Italian dessert.


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5. Piaceri

6741 Boul St-Laurent

This Little Italy gelato spot is, no joke, one of my favourite spots to grab a cold treat after dinner. I don't know exactly what it is that makes their gelato so amazing, but what I do know is that it's always velvety-smooth, decadent, and super tasty.

Their Mango gelato in particular is packed with flavour, with an undeniably rich texture... but, honestly, no matter what you take, you're going to leave thrilled. Oh, and a little protip? Try their iced coffees. They're what actual dreams are made of, friends.


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6. La Bella Italiana

5884 Rue Jean-Talon E

A St. Leonard institution, La Bella Italiana has pretty much got it all. Most people know them for their delicious food - including their fresh pizza, cooked in a traditional wood-burning stove - but their velvety, fruity, yummy gelato? Yeah. Definitely the star of the show.

They've got tons of flavours, both classic and unique - but my personal favourite? Their cheesecake gelato, which basically tastes like a giant chunk of ice cream cheesecake. And if that's not the closest thing to dessert heaven you can get, then I don't know what is.


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7. Radikal

8460 Boulevard Lacordaire

Have you ever been to St. Leonard? If you have, then the chances that you know about Radikal are very high. It's got pretty much the perfect location, so that it's accessible no matter where you come from, and it offers a super fun, casual atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to chill with friends over a gelato after a hot summer day.

Speaking of their gelatos... well, you pretty much can't get any better than one from Radikal. Silky-smooth, rich, and super tasty, Radikal is also home to some incredibly awesome flavours - such as cotton candy and chocolate chip cookie. All the wins? You know it.


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8. Pile Ou Glace

7084 Boul St-Laurent

Located right in the heart of Little Italy, Pile Ou Glace is the perfect spot to grab a refreshing treat after a sunny day spent browsing the Jean-Talon Market. Or, you know, after a sunny day spent doing basically anything - the ice cream here is so delicious that you don't need an excuse to go out and get some. Just go for it, friends.

Seriously, their silky-smooth, delicious treats come in a variety of awesome flavours. But, whatever you do, make sure to get their Affogato (a scoop of dreamy gelato drenched in a shot of boiling hot espresso? Yasssss).


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9. 2 Sorelle

281 Avenue St Denis, Saint-Lambert, QC

This gelato operation, run by two sisters (hence the name, which translates to "two sisters" in English), is honestly game-changing. Located in Saint-Lambert, a fifteen minute drive from Montreal, this might seem quite a ways away. But, trust, it's worth it for even just one spoonful of their creamy, sweet confection.

Homemade with the freshest of ingredients, there's really no other alternative if you're in the mood for something sweet to cool you down during the summer. And, although they've got tons of delicious flavours, a special shoutout to their Bellini gelato, which will absolutely leave you crying real tears of joy.


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