The Creepiest Ghost Tours In Montreal 2015

Take the tour, if you dare.
The Creepiest Ghost Tours In Montreal 2015

Montreal is a city with a lot of history, and that history is riddled with tales of ghosts and haunting. Even those unfamiliar with most of these stories have no doubt heard about the Ghost of Simon McTavish riding his coffin down Mount-Royal or the ghost in the women's bathroom at the old Club 1234.

But there are far too many Montreal ghost stories to list so instead we've compiled the best Montreal Ghost tours for you to take this Halloween ... if you dare.

1. Old Port Ghost Tour

The Old Port has been around though some of the darker moments in Montreal's history. The cobblestone streets have been home to witches, murderers and criminals who's spirits still haunt the area.

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2. Ghosts of Griffintown

Griffintown is one the most haunted neighborhoods in Montreal. You'll visit the mysterious ruins, the abandoned tunnels the burial grounds and the haunted buildings. Search for the ghost of a murdered girl with a team of psychics, and be surrounded by the ghosts of the thousand of disturbed souls.

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3. Downtown Ghost Tour

Montreal has been the scene for many strange occurrences and on the eve of Halloween, the spirits rise to haunt the streets. Learn about the creepy history of the old Grey Nuns House, the Demon of the downtown church and many other creepy stories you won't be hearing anywhere else.

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4. Haunted Mountain

Imagine exploring Mount-Royal at night with an old lantern and exploring all the places where ghosts have been spotted. Learn about the haunted hospital, the abandoned castles, the underground crypt buried under the mountain and about the victims of the CIA's brainwashing experiments.

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