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The Best Guilty-Pleasure Eggs Benedict You Can Find In Montreal

Good 'ol eggs benny, AKA Eggs Benedict. There is nothing that says classic brunch like two perfectly plump poached eggs cradled by a soft and buttery English muffin and slathered in rich and decadent hollandaise sauce. Topped off with a sprinkle of onion and tangy capers, it's perfection on a plate. And the mouthfeel, unreal.

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Good thing there's no shortage of places in Montreal to get your hands on some eggs benny. Some spots are all about serving the classics, they live by the  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy.  While other spots like to mess around and experiment.  They asked themselves, "eggs benny is good, but how can we make it even better?"

Here's a list of the best of both worlds, the classic and the re-invented. Because no brunch is complete without eggs drowning in a cream sauce.

8. L’Evidence

Where: 3817 St Denis St // Plateau

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Why you should go: This spot serves a no frill eggs benny. Just the classic. With the usual sides. The atmosphere is casual and just as unfussy as the food. Perfect for that sloppy day-after-too-many-tequila-shots brunch.


7. Bagels Etc.

Where: 4320 St Laurent Blvd // Plateau

Why you should go: Bagels ect is a breakfast spot. Expect a line up on the weekends but it won't disappoint. It's a classic Montreal family-run resto experience.


6. Le Vieux Velo

Where: 59 Rue Beaubien E // Little Italy

Why you should go: Vieux Velo is slowly becoming one of the top breakfast spots in the city. The eggs are perfect every time and the atmosphere is intimate and charming. And the price, unbeatable.


5. Le Chien Fumant

Where: 4710 Lanaudiere St // Plateau

Why you should go: Le Chien Fumant has got decadent brunch. This is a lot more than just you Allo mon coco eggs. It's really another level of taste. Perfect for that special Sunday brunch date.


4. Colette Grand Cafe

Where: 1300 Sherbrooke St W // Downtown

Why you should go: Colette Grand Cafe is located in Holt Renfrew and is the new cafe to occupy the old Holt Renfrew Cafe. This spot serves brunch on the weekends, with a very refined eggs benny for you and your girlfriends to enjoy.


3. Au Festin De Babette

Where: 4085 St Denis St // Plateau

Why you should go: Holy yummy, this looks good. Au Festin De Babette is a neighbourhood joint and has the neighbourhood vibe that's so perfect for brunch with a close group of friends. They serve eggs benny, but also other brunch delights we all love like pancakes and eggs any style.


2. Toi, Moi, Cafe

Where: 2695 Notre-Dame St W // Little Burgundy

Why you should go: This place is on Notre Dame street right near Atwater Market, so not only is the food and eggs good, it's a whole Sunday destination. You can enjoy a walk on the canal after a nice romantic brunch. Now, doesn't that sound perfect?


1. Peche Matinal

Where: 337 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest // Longueuil

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Why you should go: This spot serves elevated brunch with a twist. Nothing like your Chez Cora eggs and potatoes. This brunch is unique and different and will definitely leave an impression.


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