The Top Iced Coffee Shops In Montreal To Help You Survive The Heatwave

Caffeine has never tasted better.
The Top Iced Coffee Shops In Montreal To Help You Survive The Heatwave

With the intense heat and tropical weather we're supposed to be getting in Montreal over the weekend, any and all iced drinks are going to be a fan favourite.

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The long weekend is coming up, so many of us are go to be out in the city with family and friends celebrating Canada Day and not letting the weather get us down. To stay hydrated it's super important to be grabbing some drinks every once in a while when you're on the go, and iced coffee has to be the best option for this.

But with all of the amazing cafés we have in the city it's difficult to choose which on to stop by to get your caffeine fix. Hopefully this guide will help you decide where to pick up some of the best iced coffee in all of Montreal. 

Via Kona Espresso Bar

Aloha Espresso Bar

Right in the heart of Old Montreal, this café has created a little taste of Hawaii with their 100% Kona coffee which is straight from the island itself. A very fruity and chocolatey taste, you'll want this drink if you have a sweet tooth. Try it as an iced latte and you'll be in absolute heaven.

Via Café Sfouf

Café Sfouf

An upbeat café in Ville-Marie, not onlt does this place have good coffee but they are pretty environmentally-friendly, offering only bamboo straws and uncooked pasta as a stir stick. An iced coffee begins with an espresso made in front of you poured onto ice and the milk of your choosing. As if it couldn't get any better, when you order a drink you get a free and very tasty little lemon cake to compliment it.

Via Café myriade

Café Myriade

With a few locations around the city, this café is already pretty well known for serving a great cold brew as well as many other drinks. The cold brew is steeped for 12 hours to reach ultimate perfection, with complex fruity and earthy undertones. They also have a huge selection of espresso to choose from so you can get exactly what you're looking for each time.

Via Marché La Fontaine

Marché La Fontaine

Located adjacent to Parc La Fontaine, this is the perfect spot if you were planning to spend the long weekend at the park and enjoy the outdoor events. Their salted caramel iced latte is a fan favourite, a balanced cold brew made with local beans and topped with caramel syrup and Nordic milk (non-dairy option available), this is a super refreshing drink you don't want to pass up during a hot Summer day.

Via Café 8 oz

Café 8 oz.

This café malted cold brew is what you have to go here for. A spoonful of malt extract is added to their classic cold brew, then topped with ice and a milk of your choosing. You end up getting a delicious sweet and slightly caramel taste, definitely a must try!

Via Café parvis

Café Parvis

Located in the heart of the downtown core, this spot is where you want to go if you're spending the weekend in the city core. Their cold brew is from Dispatch's coffee, but if you looking to get a power-up on your buzz definitely ask for the cold brew PM. Chilled coffee with additions like rye and orange zest, you'll be happy to know you don't have to wait until cocktail hour to grab this drink.

@paquebot_cafeembedded via

Paquebot Café

Bringing something new to the game by being the first café in Montreal to serve nitro cold brew on tap, you'll be happy to know they have 3 locations around the city. Just like a beer, this coffee is pressurized and topped with a foamy head. This already sounds like it will be an absolute Summer hit.

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