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The Best Japanese Tapas In The City Are At This Montreal Resto-Bar

A hidden gem in the city.
The Best Japanese Tapas In The City Are At This Montreal Resto-Bar

International cuisine is a pretty popular option for food here in Montreal. Food and drinks can be a way for you to take yourself to the country where it's from without even having to travel there. With the tons of options Montreal has for unique and diverse restaurants, you could basically travel around the world.

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Japanese cuisine is one of the best on the list. From sake to sushi and all of the delicious desserts originating from Japan, you seriously cannot go wrong. But with all of the Japanese restaurants and bars in the city how can you figure out which is the best of the best? Well, we've got you covered.

If you're looking for the hands-down best Japanese tapas in Montreal, then you're going to want to head over to Kinoya Izakaya right now!

As soon as you step into the restaurant you'll be welcomed super warmly by staff and seated in what could also be the coolest restaurant atmosphere in the city. Just some of the many popular dishes you can get are the ramen salad (perfect for a refreshing Summer meal) and of course the sashimi. The restaurant also serves popular Japanese street food like deep-fried shrimp. 

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As if it couldn't get any better, the possibilities for drinks are endless. The Japanese pub serves up traditional sake as well as delicious and unique sangria, beer and an entire menu full of cocktails.

Prices are super affordable and with the quality of the food there's no reason why you shouldn't head over to this spot with friends this weekend! 

You can check out Kinoya Izakaya's menu and Facebook page HERE.

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