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The 'Best Job In Canada For 2019' Also Pays $96,330 A Year

I'd do the worst job in Canada for that salary!
The 'Best Job In Canada For 2019' Also Pays $96,330 A Year

Choosing a career path is a daunting experience because we're led to believe that once we choose... that's it. But in today's economy, with new positions and roles popping up every day, it's important to keep an open mind.

Something you never saw yourself doing may present itself in a new light and change the trajectory of your life forever.

So knowing what some of the best jobs are in Canada is totally worth it, because they are clearly positions you should be keeping in mind.

And according to Canadian Business, the best job in Canada for 2019 is a nurse practitioner. 

In the interview with Canadian Business, nurse practitioner Claudia Mariano makes it clear why her job is the best job in Canada right now. (And there are more reasons than the $90k salary.)

The market for health care workers is steadily growing and, more and more, because nurse practitioners hold many of the skill sets of a physician, and hospitals are starting to recognize their value. 

Nurse practitioners are seen as a cost-effective alternative to a physician. Which doesn't mean that the pay isn't amazing... because it is.

To become a nurse practitioner, you do require a significant amount of schooling... but as patients, we can be grateful for that.

A registered nurse completes a bachelor program before entering the workforce. 

A nurse practitioner also completes a bachelor degree before spending two years working as a registered nurse. After these two years, they are eligible to apply to a two-year Masters of Nursing program.

After finishing all that school you get to specialize in paediatrics, primary care of adult care and once you pass a licensing exam, you're ready to find that dream position.

Nursing can be great for someone who wants to live in a new city, as the demand for nurse practitioners is country-wide, meaning this could be your chance to make the move to a new city.

And while the schooling may feel daunting, the pay is fantastic. According to, the average salary for a nurse practitioner in Canada is $96,330.

Plus, think of all the people you get to connect with and help on a regular basis. 

Aren't convinced? Read why Nurse Practitioner is Canada's Best Job in 2019.

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