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The Best Montreal Christmas Displays You Can See In The City Right Now

No one needs a reminder that the holiday season is in full swing. A simple walk down the street will demonstrate that fact, as you pass by a plethora of storefront windows decked out in all things Christmas.

But not all Christmas displays are created equal. Some stores take the extra time to really do it up, making a display that is unlike anything you've ever seen before. And below you'll find some of the best Montreal has to offer.

Now, note that we're being a little loose in using the term "Christmas display," as we're not limiting ourselves solely to storefront windows. Rather, we're including any Xmas-setup put on by a store or establishment, just so there's a bit more variety in the mix.

So without further ado, here are the best Montreal Christmas displays you can see in the city right now.

Photo cred - @bernardbujold

Noël Eternel

60 Notre Dame W

Of course Montreal's year-round Christmas store would make this list, and even though you can check out their display literally any time you want, nothing beats the relevancy of checking out Noël Eternel when it's actually Xmas-time.

Photo cred - @MaisonOgilvy


1307 St Catherine W

Always a mainstay of Xmas on St. Cats, Ogilvy brings the cheer every year, and 2015 is no exception.

Photo cred - @JacqueNadeau5

The Bay

585 St Catherine W

The boys at The Bay are looking extra fly in this Canadian-tastic Xmas display.

Photo cred - avenuemontroyal

Animalerie Paul

930 Mont-Royal E

Adorable animals + Christmas = a holiday cute-gasm you need to see.

Photo cred - @alliabricot

Cineplex Forum

2313 St Catherine W

Seeing the Habs logo right next to a big ol' Christmas tree will just make you feel right on the inside.

Photo cred - @shlapix

Alexix Nihon

1500 Atwater

Straight up awe-inspiring, Alexis Nihon absolutely killed it this year with their holiday display.

Photo cred - @plazasthubert

Plaza St Hubert

6841 St Hubert

Many stores along Plaza St Hubert are rocking Xmas displays, but we're giving a shout out to the retail strip itself for taking the time to deck the halls.

Photo cred - JF Leblanc via AveMontRoyal

Comptoir d'or

1381 Mont-Royal E

Sure, this display is a little busy, but Comptoir d'or gets extra points for enthusiasm, and for playing up the whole "gold" thing.

Photo cred - avenuemontroyal

Au Diabolo jeux et jouets

1390 Mont-Royal E

Personally, I find this display somewhere between cute and creepy (that Santa is definitely up to no good), but either way, it's definitely eye-catching.

Photo cred - JF Leblanc via AvenueMontRoyal


285 Mont-Royal E

The holidays get electrified at this Mont-Royal bar.

Photo cred - boulevardsaintlaurent

Too Zoo

4066 Saint Laurent

Sometimes you don't need an abundance of colour to make a solid Xmas display, as Too Zoo proves.

Photo cred - boulevardsaintlaurent

Station 16

3523 Saint Laurent

So many points for originality are awarded to Station 16, as they rock the most meta display on this list.

Photo cred - boulevardsaintlaurent

Boutique Kitsch'n Swell

3972 Saint Laurent

When your store has "kitsch" in the title, your display better be over the top as hell. Fortunately, Kitsch'n Swell lives up to its name and delivers on the kitsch-ness.

Photo cred - AvenueMontRoyal


1115 Mont-Royal E

Simple, yet elegant, our collective hats go off to RONA.

Photo cred - boulevardsaintlaurent

Freak Lunch Box

3680 Saint Laurent

This candy store always has a crazy sh*t in their front window, and Freak Lunch Box has taken it next level for the holidays. Kudos to anyone who catches the A Christmas Story reference.

Photo cred - AvenueMontRoyal

La sucrerie du soleil

1951 Mont-Royal E

A discotheque Christmas sounds about right to us.

Photo cred - boulevardsaintlaurent

Les Anges Gourmet

4247 Saint Laurent

What's one of the best parts about the holidays? Food, obviously, and this bakery reminds us all of that happy fact with their bread-tastic display.

Photo cred - rhyme&reason

Honourable Mention: Priape

1311 St Catherine E

So technically this is Priape's display from 2009, but the kink, leather, and sex store always delivers with an amazingly raunchy holiday window display. Last year's was straight up amazing, and we can't wait to see what Priape has in store this year.

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