The Best #Montreal Instagram Pictures (Vol.52)

Instagramers crush it again, in Montreal.
The Best #Montreal Instagram Pictures (Vol.52)

Cover photo cred – @johanyjutras

For the past 52 weeks, one year, I've been going through all your Instagram pictures. I look for the best shots of Montreal, but in the process I've sorted through thousands of Montrealer's uploaded pictures. I've seen your lives, your thrills and your view of this city. On behalf of the entire MTLblog staff, I'd like to say thank you for posting such amazing content over the past year! You Instagramers are one more part of what make Montreal so great.

And remember,  if you wanna make the cut, take a crazy pic of Montreal, hashtag it with #MTLblog! And the best picture will be featured on the following week’s episode of AnchormanMTL!

Check out this week’s best below.