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For as long as I can remember, I've been telling myself to go try out to this cute looking spot in Montreal's St. Leonard.

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I'd pass by it a million times a week, since St. Leo is basically like my second home, but it was only recently, when my friend made concrete plans to get ourselves there, did I realize exactly what kind of gastronomical heaven I was missing out on by only trying Restaurant Phuket (4673 Rue Jarry E) this late in my life.

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First of all, let me get this out of the way: they have a legit lobster poutine, with tempura sweet potatoes as fries, chunks of lobster, peanut butter sauce, cheese, and caviar.

It was the first thing we ordered, and I swear, I actually fell in love with this poutine. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe how awesome it was. I didn't think anything at Phuket could top what I just ate... but then our sushi came.

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We ordered a bunch of different sushi, including scallop nigiri and salmon hosomaki - rolls I've had at almost every single sushi place I've been to.

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I was really expecting their sushi to taste exactly like what I've had before... Except that it didn't. It was levels above a lot of other spots I've tried.

The fish in particular was incredibly fresh, with rich flavours that complimented the rice perfectly. The rice itself even tasted good: it was seasoned lightly, so that it was incredibly flavourful, but not overpowering of the fish.

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Honestly, the sushi here is really impressive... and then I had dessert, and I think I almost fainted from pure happiness.

I had the matcha cheesecake, because cheesecake is my bae forever, but my friend had the matcha opera cake. Although both were super yummy, the opera cake was on its own level. Perfectly moist, with rich, sweet chocolate and hints of matcha... Just pure heaven, guys. Just pure heaven.

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Sound like your next fave? Then check out Restaurant Phuket's Facebook page for more information.

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