The Best Paying Jobs In Canada

Is your job on the list?
The Best Paying Jobs In Canada

Yesterday we were talking about the most useless University degrees in Montreal and we could see that this was a topic our readers were very interested in. It makes sense after all, you don't want to invest years of your life studying only to wind up in a dead end career. Most people go to university because they know it can lead them to better paying jobs.

Well if it's money you're after, we can point you in the right direction.

Here are the worst paying jobs in Canada in 2015

1. Specialist Physicians - $375,000

That sounds hard.

2. Dentist - $287,303

Not bad for a professional toothbrusher. I myself have about 27 years of experience in this field.

3. Family physicians - $272,750

The lesson here is: if you're going to be a physician, choose a specialty.

4. Lawyers - $272,550

I've seen the show 'Suits', not worth the stress.

5. Judges - $176,800

Should a stayed a lawyer, now you're lucky recipient of a promotion AND a paycut.

6. Senior Managers Construction/Production/Utilities/Transport - $165,000

♫♪ Paid the cost to be the boss ♫♪

7. Senior Managers Finance/Communications - $160,000

Plus you'll save money since you'll be so good at managing finances

8. Actuaries - $155,000

BRB, googling what an actuary is.

9. Engineering Managers - $137,000

I'm starting to see a pattern here. Lesson 1: Be a manager.

10. Airline Pilots - $138,000

Sure, I mean maybe after 20 years.