The Best Places To Get A Poutine For Under $10 In Montreal

Alright, if I were to straight up ask you what the cornerstone of a good poutine is, what would you say? Would you say crispy fries, squeaky cheese, savoury poutine sauce? Would you say a heaping, mountainous portion on your plate? Would you say, maybe, that it doesn't cost more than $10?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then do I have some good news for you. Montreal is full of awesome spots that will serve you up a seriously delicious poutine, all for under the price of $10 (before taxes). If the task of finding all of these great places sounds a little daunting, then don't worry. I've got you covered. Read on for The Best Places To Get A Poutine For Under $10 In Montreal.

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1. Dirty Dogs

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Okay, I'm just going to admit it: I'm completely obsessed with the poutines at Dirty Dogs. Although their gourmet poutines might run over $10, their classic poutine will set you back about $6 - and trust me when I say that it's seriously delicious. Their fries are perfectly crispy; their sauce is delicious, with just a hint of rosemary and pure happiness; and their cheese curds are incredibly fresh and tasty. Piled high on your plate, this poutine is not only inexpensive, it's also mind-blowingly delicious.


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2. Chez Ma Tante

3180 Rue Fleury E

Although this spot is a little bit hidden, lovers of poutine seriously need to find it, go there, and feast. Their poutine is one of the best I've tried, hands down: Featuring super thick and delicious french fries, fresh cheese curds that explode with flavour and squeaky goodness, and thick, yummy poutine sauce, this delicious delight will set you back well under $10. All the yums? You know it.

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3. Patati Patata

4177 Boul St-Laurent

This classic Montreal poutine spot is widely popular and well-loved. Their poutines - with fresh, crisp french fries, tasty sauce, and squeaky good cheese curds - are out of this world awesome. This spot also scores all the bonus points for offering up some equally amazing breakfast poutines (featuring eggs and bacon for under $8)... and some pretty awesome prices. One of their delicious, classic poutines rings in at well under $10 - meaning you can enjoy a fresh poutine and some extra cash in your pocket, too.

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4. La Banquise

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Okay, it might seem like La Banquise's overly delicious poutines will cost you way more than $10. But the truth is that, nope - a good handful of La Banquise's delicious delights run under the $10 mark (provided you get the "regular" sized version. Which is still pretty much enough food to get your fill and have some leftovers, too, TBH). A selection of their reasonably priced poutines? Their "La Matty", which features bacon, peppers, onions and mushrooms; their "La Savoyarde", with bacon, onions, swiss cheese, and sour cream; and their "La Chicks", with breaded chicken.


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5. Chez Claudette

351 Avenue Laurier E

If you're a Montreal poutine lover, the chances are very high that you already know about - and are in love with - Chez Claudette. I mean, what's not to love about this Plateau eatery? Not only do they have some seriously awesome poutine varieties (a poutine featuring sausage, ham, and maple syrup? Count me in!), but the vast majority of their poutines are seriously inexpensive. As long as you stick to the small size - which is still enough to feed you for days, TBH - almost every poutine on their menu is less than $10, including their aforementioned maple syrup poutine (AKA, their "Cabane" poutine).


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6. Paulo & Suzanne

5501 Boul Gouin O

You guys all know about my obsession with Paulo & Suzanne at this stage in the game, I'm sure. My love for this Ahuntsic eatery is based on a number of things - their awesome ambiance, their awesome food, and, of course, their awesome prices. Their classic poutine is delicious, with moist, thick fries, savoury sauce, and fresh, delicious cheese curds; any size will run for less than $10, but if you're feeling something a little less traditional, their "Le Coq" - with fried onions and chicken - is delicious, and only $9.50.


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7. Alto

3462 Av du Parc

Okay, Alto is basically a food paradise, no lie. They've got a hugely expansive menu, which pretty much means that no matter what you're in the mood for, they've got your back. And if you're in the mood for an inexpensive poutine? Bam. They've got you there, too. Their large regular poutine runs for about $9, but if you're feeling something with a little more meat to it, then try going for their "3 Viandes" - which, for the same price, features their delicious poutine smothered in bacon, smoked meat, and Italian sausage.


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8. Station Hot Dog

15680 Boul de Pierrefonds

This West Island spot already made it onto the list of best West Island poutine restaurants, and for one very good reason: Their poutine is outstanding. Think chunky and crispy fries covered in thick, squeaky cheese curds - and then smothered in decadent, flavourful poutine sauce. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, wait until you hear the best part: Their large regular poutine will only set you back about $9.25. And if you feel like adding a little something extra on there? A large hot dog poutine is $9.90. Yassss.


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9. Chez Tousignant

6956 Rue Drolet

Ah, Chez Tousignant. Honestly, I could probably write an entire novel about how much I love this traditional Little Italy casse-croute - but I'll spare you the details about their out of this world hamburger and life-changing hot dogs, and go straight to their poutine. All of their poutines feature fresh and high-quality ingredients; and although their Italian poutine is a thing of beauty, their regular poutine? Yeah. It's a work of pure art. A small regular poutine at Chez Tousignant is enough to fill you up (and then some), and runs for about $6.75; the Italian version is roughly $9.


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10. Orange Julep

7700 Boulevard Décarie

Honesty time: The Orange Julep is probably one of my favourite places to go when it gets sunny outside, end of story. There's something about that iconic orange, music blasting from the parking lot, that just makes me feel super happy. And, of course, their poutines don't hurt, either. With crispy, golden french fries, fresh, squeaky cheese, and gravy that's a little thicker than at most places, this poutine is a serious winner - and, to sweeten the deal? You can get yourself a small (which is more than enough for one person, TBH) for about $6.

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