Best Montreal Pool Halls

Bank your eights here.
Best Montreal Pool Halls

Sometimes you just need to fine-tune your math and motor skills all at once, with the not-so-subtle challenge brought on by pitchers. For those times, here's your best bet for the city's pool joints.

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Where: 1606 St. Catherine O.

Why: It's a semi-trippy experience walking into Sharx with all its neon and metal, there's just so much going on. But if you're looking for a night of activities, this spot give you bowling, pool and foosball to pick from. There's a bunch of tables, so you've got a good chance of snagging one and it's on the cheaper side of "actual" pool bars. $10 a table before 5pm, and $14 after.



Where: 1635 St. Catherine O.

Why: Across the street, Fat's is just a little cheaper and just a little cozier than Sharx. It's got that Tuesday Ladies night situation happening too, and who's gonna say no to free pool. Not this girl.

Boul Noir

Where: 551 Mont Royal E.

Why: This is where you go for a no-nonsense pool fix, beer optional. Just kidding you guys, beer's never optional. This place just screams serious pool players; everything's red and black and so slick that just being there makes you feel you're licensed to do fancy behind-your-back-buttcheek-on-the-table shots. Sadly, I always fail at those, so I stopped trying.



Where: 3900 St. Laurent

Why: This is probably the most legit of St Laurent's dives that happen to have pool, because they happen to have more than two tables. Which means you always get one, because the regulars only hoard the one near the window. So, you know, grab your pool wenches and a back corner table and you're set for the night.


Bar Bifteck

Where: 3702 St. Laurent

Why: Not really the kind of place you go to pointedly to play pool, since you'll most likely have a hard time grabbing a table--and if you do, it'll only be for a game because of all the bros that want to drunkenly whack at balls will be waiting. If you get the pool-calling mid pitcher, though, by all means wrestle your way into the line.

Les Bobards

Where: 4328 St Laurent

Why: The same goes for this place: It's only got one pool table, so getting a turn is unlikely on a busy night, but it is free, which is always a reason to wait in line for things.



Where: 3910 St. Laurent

Why: Feeling a little tropical? This spot's calling to you then. I'm not even going to try to understand the point of a tropical dive complete with fake trees and a little sandy beach spot bang in The Main, but Copacabana's sticking to it with their revamp this year. It's the kind of bar that has a decent amount of older regulars, but maybe they'll be nice and let you play. They'll probably mock you a bit though.



Where: 4062 St. Laurent

Why: I love this place for the amount of live music, there's a show every night or so. Which is a little distracting because it's hard to be into the game and into the music equally and all at once, but if you want it all, you gotta give a little. A little competitiveness.

Bar Relaxe

Where: 1309 St Catherine E.

Why: This place is a quiet pub spot in the village frenzy, and it's got a bit of an older crowd--but it's a great spot for a quick predrink game before you're off to rip the dancefloor.

El Jumelgi

Where: 1673 Mont Royal E.

3350 Ontario E.

Why: They have two spots! Two! One on Mont Royal and another on Ontario. They're kind of intense about their love for pool, it feels like, and I'm digging it. It's got loads of tables and is still hella cheap, even in the evenings ($6/h usually and $4/h Thursdays).


Where do you love enjoying a game of pool a long with a beer? Let us know with your comments!

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