The Best Possible View Of Montreal

You will have your breath taken away.
The Best Possible View Of Montreal

Almost anyone who lives in Montreal, or has ever visited, has taken the trail up to the top of Mont-Royal to peer at the city from the elevated vantage point. Some are a bit more adventurous and head to the iconic white cross, but no matter what point of the mountain you look from, heading to Mont-Royal to look upon Montreal is like a rite of passage. But even though so many of us have seen the city from the top of the mountain, you haven't seen Montreal quite like this.

The best view of the city is made even better with the help of a camera drone operated by YouTuber Viva Frei. Climbing to the top of the mountain, by the white cross, Frei launched a drone into the sky and captured a full 360 view of Montreal that is truly breathtaking. The full expanse of the city can be seen from this amazing footage, and even if you've seen the city from Mont-Royal before, you'll still be impressed.

Check out the video below.

Kudos to ther/MildlyInteresting reddit thread where the video was initially found.

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