The Best Poutine In Montreal Is Actually At This Hidden Downtown Spot

This classic dish will blow your mind.

At this point in my life, I consider myself to be a poutine expert. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you - because throughout my life, I've eaton a whole lot of it.

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Quebec in general is known for being the birthplace of poutine, so it's only natural that Montreal's poutines are all some next level excellent stuff.

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But there's one spot in particular that serves a poutine so delicious, it just straight-up stands out among the crowds of delicious poutines.

That spot is Restaurant Lafayette (1874 Rue Sainte-Catherine E), situated just outside of downtown Montreal, in the Village/Ville-Marie area.

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It's right in front of Papineau metro, so it's very easy to get to, and despite its old school casse-croute feel, it's a pretty spacious place. Oh - and, of course, their poutines are on a level all of its own.

The fries are cut thick, crisp, and flavourful; the cheese is perfectly squeaky and fresh.

But the real game changer for me? The sauce.

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I don't know exactly how I can describe it, TBH. They've got 9 different poutines to choose from, one of which - their "Avec Sauce Brune" features a totally different poutine sauce.

No matter which one you pick, though, you're in for a good time. Both versions of their sauce are thick, hearty, with complex, rich flavours.

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But their regular poutine sauce is my favourite. Not only is it rich, complex, and hearty, but it's got a super unique flavour to it, too, and that flavour will stick with you for a while.

If I'm being totally honest with you guys, I have a lot of favourite poutines in the city. But the one that stands out the most to me will always be Lafayette's, and if you give it a try, trust, you will not be disappointed.

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Does this sound like your new fave? Then check out Restaurant Lafayette's Facebook page for more information.

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