The Best Poutine In Quebec Has Officially Been Announced

Over the past weekend, one of the biggest food festivals in the entire province went down. 

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The 3-day long "Festival De La Poutine"is a now a much-anticipated yearly tradition for the province and the people of Drummondville, where the festivities take place.

This massive food festival is not only about poutine but the culture of La Belle Province and includes live musical performances, activities, and entertainment.  It's like a mini Osheaga but for everything Quebec-related.

That said, as part of the 11th edition of the festival, a competition between a few Quebec-based poutineries took place. AKA the real deal.

All the restaurants involved we're competing against each other for the prestigious "La Fourchette d'Or" or "golden fork," trophy. 

There was no panel of judges; it was entirely up to the festival goers who got a chance to sample all the poutines available and take a vote at the end.

The decision was close, but in the end, Montreal-based restaurant Le Gras Dur got the most votes and came out on top! 

Co-owners Annie Clavette and Stefan Jacob we're delighted to hear the news, of course. And if you're a curious poutine-lover yourself, you should go check out this restaurant located on 1660 Rue Jarry E. This looks like the comfort food at it's best!

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For more info on Le Gras Dur, check out their official Facebook page HERE!


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