Some Of The Best Restaurants In Montreal's West Island

You’re so lucky if you live there.
Some Of The Best Restaurants In Montreal's West Island

West-Islanders may have a lot of struggles, but they also have some of the best restaurants. Who cares that it takes an hour to get downtown when you have all that you really need right here? While there are countless restaurants all over the West Island that are worth mentioning, here are 15 restaurants in the area that you absolutely have to try:

1. Jukebox Burgers

11798 Rue de Sallabary

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This 50's styled diner is the place to go. While they have an array of dishes, including Mac & Cheese, hot dogs, and poutine, their burgers are definitely their signature. From classics to extraordinary combinations like a poutine burger, the Hat Trick or a Hulk burger, Jukebox Burgers has got it all. Even vegetarians want to try these amazing burgers, which is why they offer vegetarian patties! What's there not to love?

2. Famiglia

2871 St. Charles Blvd

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The struggle to find authentic Italian food in the West Island is real, but this restaurant is so great that you would never be able to tell. Their pasta and the pizza taste like your Nonna made them, it's that good. When you add that to a homely environment, how could you not come give it a try?

3. The Keg

6815 Trans Canada Highway

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This Steakhouse will surely make any meat lover's mouth water. From steak to ribs to burgers, and amazing desserts, you surely won't be disappointed.

Photo Cred - Restaurant Boustan

4. Boustan

3980 St-Jean

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If you're into Middle Eastern food, then this is no doubt the best place to go. From shawarma to falafel, from arayess to taboule, they've got your fix on everything you need. Plus, you can have it delivered to your door everyday until 4 A.M! Who wouldn't love that?

5. Carambola

72 Rue Cameron

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Yes, even if you live in Hudson, there's the perfect Bistro for you! Their fusion of international foods will blow you away.Where else would you be able to get a lobster poutine, anyways?

6. Guaca & Molé

11598 Rue de Sallabary

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Not only do they have amazing Mexican food, but they also have Montreal's widest selection of tequila. Shall I guess where you'll be spending your next happy hour?

7. Vivaldi

13071 Boulevard Gouin Ouest

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This lovable Italian restaurant has a vibe that anyone will love. Are you having a family get together? Why don't you get together here? Are you on a date? Why don't you Lady & The Tramp it up and have some amazing spaghetti? The possibilities are endless.

8. L’Académie

6321 Trans Canada Highway

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L'Académie has always been unique. While serving both Italian and French dishes, this restaurant has brought an individuality to the city like no other restaurant ever has. With great food, service, and atmosphere, why wouldn't you go?

Photo Cred - Riccardo's Restaurant

9. Riccardo's

4071 St Jean

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This Italian restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants there is. The place is family-run, which means that you'll certainly be treated like one of them. Plus, you'll be treated to some excellent food for a reasonable price.

10. Chef Akbar

15742 Pierrefonds Boulevard

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This comfortable Indian restaurant is definitely a place to add to your list of favourites. Their fresh and authentic food is full of flavour. If you're a vegan, don't worry! Chef Akbar has got your fix of delicious vegan options.

11. Masaya

10500 Gouin Ouest

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This Middle Eastern restaurant is the place to go if you want to party. This is perfect for us West Islanders, because there aren't many places to go. With great food, a seating capacity of approximately 140 people, and a dance floor, what are you waiting for?

12. Le Bocage

479 Beaconsfield Boulevard

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Le Bocage is unique. This is the only restaurant in the entirety of the West Island that serves a fusion of Mediterranean and Southern French food. Who wouldn't want to try this amazing combination?

13. Le Gourmand

42 Rue St. Anne, Pointe Claire

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This restaurant has food that almost anyone can enjoy. They serve Cajun, Creole, and French foods that will blow you away. This is fine dining that you won't want to miss out on.

Photo Cred - Josephmallozzi

14. Smoke Meat Pete

283 1ere Avenue, Ile Perrot

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Live Blues music and great food? What could be better?

15. Les 3 Maria

4886 Boulevard Des Sources

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This is the place to go for authentic Portuguese cuisine. With classics like grilled meats and seafood, and an inviting atmosphere, you can't help but enjoy yourself there.

Are your taste buds tingling in excitement? Then what are you waiting for? Head on over to one of these amazing restaurants now!

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