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The Best Spaghetti In Montreal Is At The Orange Julep. Yes, The Orange Julep!

Forget poutine or hot dogs, this is the move.
The Best Spaghetti In Montreal Is At The Orange Julep. Yes, The Orange Julep!

The Orange Julep is by far one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. It's been around for almost a whole century and is just as popular as the day it opened.

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You would think that after all this time, nothing about this landmark that's known for good food and great car shows could surprise you right? Wrong because there's a menu item hiding in plain sight that most of you have been sleeping on this whole time. The fact that Orange Julep sells spaghetti may comes as a shock to most but the real surprise is how it's one of the best I've ever had in Montreal restaurant.

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I discovered that Orange Julep made spaghetti three years ago and I haven't ordered any other food since. They offer a very healthy portion of spaghetti and meat sauce for just $6.65 and it is comfort food at it's finest. Not only is it more than affordable, but it is surprisingly good pasta for a place that became famous off of hotdogs and their renowned orange drink.

I actually discovered it's existence in 2014 when George St-Pierre spoke about it in a documentary about his life. Later that week I decided that I had to go to try it out and I've never looked back. I was genuinely surprised by people's reaction  whenever I brought the fact that they sell spaghetti. This is probably one of the city's best kept secrets and people need to know about this. 

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