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The Best Sushi Restaurant In Montreal's South Shore

Where’s the best place for some damn good sushi? 

It’s not Montreal, it’s not even West Island. It's actually on the south shore at a little place called Sushi Hamachi

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I know what your thinking: Why in the hell would I go all the way to the South Shore for some god forsaken sushi? It's simple. 

Cred - yelp  

Authentic Wagyu beef sushi imported straight from Japan and sushi slices thicker than Queen B’s thigh. Incredibly flavorful and fresh rolls, that aren't overstuffed with rice or vegetables.  

The sushi is so good you don’t need to drown every piece in soy sauce because the flavors are all there.  

The thing I love about this place is the simplicity and their portion size. I was thinking 48 pieces for 2 people wasn't going to be enough, but boy was I wrong!   

Everything was just the perfect ratio in thickness, and even their fried foods were bomb!  Their sushi pizza was so crispy! With the flaky, (not greasy) in house galette made with seaweed, rice and and bread crumbs; topped with a piece of salmon, tempura flakes, and garnished with seaweed and mayo made in house! -YUM!

This restaurant knows how to put every other place to shame, and this is coming from a person who practically lives on sushi.

The price is very reasonable, similar to how much you would pay for a buffet and I guarantee you’ll be coming out 100% more satisfied!

Check out their Facebook page for more info

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