The Best Times To Drink Coffee So That You Maximize Your Day

Get your timing right.
The Best Times To Drink Coffee So That You Maximize Your Day

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You wake up, and then you get a cup of coffee. Some stuff happens in the middle there, not that you'd remember though, because your high cognitive functions don't even kick in 'til you ingest some caffeine. Attaining consciousness and immediately grabbing a cup of Joe is a routine many of us follow every morning, and if you're a culprit of the wake and caffeinate, you may be doing it wrong.

Steven Miller of NeruoscienceDC delved into the biological processes of the human body in conjunction with caffeine and found that, at certain times of the day, a coffee will do much more for you than others.

Miller's findings are based on the average person's circadian clock (your body's natural 24 hour timekeeping system for biological processes) and the natural release of cortisol (steroid "stress" hormone that boosts alertness) in one day. Essentially, at certain times of the day, your body secretes cortisol, giving you a natural energy boost, and if you drink coffee at this time, the effects will be diminished.

Alternatively, if you take in some caffeine at a time when your body's cortisol levels are low, your java will energize you more, and your overall energy levels will be boosted.

Taking Miller's scientific findings, I ♥ Coffee simplified everything in an easy to understand infographic. Note that if you're on a very different sleeping schedule than the rest of the world (looking at you, you up-at-nooners) then you may want to switch around the hours in the infographic a bit.

See when you should be drinking coffee below.

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