The Best Vine Videos Of 2013 (And Time Well Wasted Vol.2)

Vine, its taking over mother fuckers so here we went and found some of the best this year so far. Whether you just started (looking at you Android users) or have been on for months and think you`re a champ Vine master we do think you`ll learn a thing or two from these right HERE.

Osheaga Block Party Was The Dopest Party This Weekend. (mtlblog)

Walk Through Rain Without Getting Wet. (youtube)

Photographs of NYC’s Underbelly in the 1890`s. (petapixel)

Super Mash-Ups Of Marvel And DC Comic Heroes. (designtaxi)

Guy Takes Advice On "How To Twerk". (shockmansion)

MAN OF STEEL Soars to New June Record with $113 Million. (collider)