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5 Places Where You Can Get Montreal Canadiens​ Tickets For Super Cheap

Great for saving money to buy extra beer at the Bell Centre. Lol.
5 Places Where You Can Get Montreal Canadiens​ Tickets For Super Cheap

Confession time, guys: before a few months ago, I had never been to a real life Habs game. I mean, my dad took me once when I was a kid, but I couldn't drink beer so it doesn't really count.

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Anyway, my first (second?) time going was a super cool experience overall, and although I consider myself to be only a casual hockey fan, I know I'd love to go again.

One problem: tickets are kind of expensive for me. And if they are for you too, then I've got some good news! There are a few websites out there where you can get yourself some inexpensive tickets to see the Habs.


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Oh man, how cool is StubHub? Not only can you find tickets at a reduced price, but their whole mission? To "help fans find fun", according to their website. So, Habs fans, go ahead and find yourself some fun.


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I kind of like to consider SeatGeek as, like, an online marketplace for tickets. Legit, whether you want to sell your tickets or find tickets for cheaper, SeatGeek has totally got your back.


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Not only does eTickets connect you to Habs tickets that are a little cheaper than what you might pay, but they've got a huge variety of other tickets, too, so no matter what event you're planning on going to, they've got you covered.


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Okay, Craigslist is a classic. It's basically the go-to place whenever you need to sell or buy something for cheap; and if Habs tickets are what you need, then no worries, they've got those there, too.


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Another classic and super solid site to get things you need for cheap,

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