Best Zeppole In Montreal

10 spots to get Italy's famous pastry.
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Best Zeppole In Montreal

I bet you've missed them, eh? Yes, Montreal, once again its that time of year when everyone in the city is hunting for the best zeppole in town.

These delectable pastries are only available in March at choice Italian bakeries across the city. Zeppole are a special Italian treat that only comes around on March 19th, for the Fiesta di San Giuseppe or St. Joseph's Day.

It's a huge tradition in Italy to stuff yourself full of zeppole today, so here's a list of some of the best zeppole in Montreal! 

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TL;DR  MTL Blog brings you a list of some of Montreal's best zeppoles so that you can properly celebrate St. Joseph's Day!

Pâtisserie & Boulangerie Italia 

Italia Bakery is a classic St. Leonard institution that serves up some of the best zeppole in town. Nutella zeppole? Yes, please! It's renowned as one of the best Italian bakeries in Montreal, so while you're out getting your zeppole, be sure to stock up on other classics like cold pizza and cannolis!

Where: 5540 Jean-Talon E

Check them out here!

Pâtisserie San Marco 

Another St. Leonard delight serves up some incredible zeppole this time of year. They have a range of flavours and options that allow you to personalize your zeppole experience. San Marco Bakery has zeppoles available until Easter!

Where: 1581 Jean-Talon E

Check them out here!

Les Delices Lafrenaie 

Located all around Montreal, Lafrenaie is a classic choice for baked goods including their amazing zeppole. Considered by many as Montreal's top bakery, you can never go wrong with a classic ricotta zeppole from Lafrenaie.

Where: 8405 Lafrenaie and other locations around Montreal

Check them out here!

La Cornetteria

La Cornetteria is a specialty Italian bakery in Little Italy that serves up some amazing baked goods like cannolis and cronettos. This spring, people will flock to La Cornetteria for their zeppole needs because this bakery serves up some of the best zeppole in town!

Where: 6528 St. Laurent

Check them out here!

Dolci Piu

Proof that you don't have to travel all the way to St. Leo for a good zeppole, Dolci Piu in Ville St. Laurent serves up the best zeppole on the Westside. When you definitely go, stay awhile and enjoy some delicious espresso.

Where: 849 Decarie

Check them out here!

Pasticceria Alati-Caserta

No surprise that Little Italy's own Alati-Caserta makes some of the best zeppole in town. Located a stone's throw from Marche Jean-Talon, Alati-Caserta is a must try for everyone in Montreal.

Where: 277 Dante

Check them out here!

Pâtisserie St-Martin

If you live in Laval, you don't have to come all the way to the city to enjoy an amazing zeppole. At Pâtisserie St Martin, you can enjoy amazing classic zeppole flavours away from the hustle and bustle of Montreal. This is the best zeppole you'll find outside of the city, so hurry to Pâtisserie St Martin!

Where: 2495 Saint-Martin E, Laval

Check them out here!

Pâtisserie Boulangerie Del Sole 

Since 1984, Del Sole has been a fam1ily-run bakery in St. Leonard that serves up incredible Italian pastries. They are renowned for the zeppole, with people pre-ordering their delectable pastries weeks in advance. If you find yourself in St. Leo or Anjou anytime soon, give them a try!

Where: two locations in Montreal and one in Laval

Check them out here!

Parma Cafe

Downtown's favourite little Italian bistro is back with their seasonal zeppole specialties. Classics such as ricotta zeppole are all the rage here during the spring season. Available for a limited time, come to try one out, you'll be glad you did!

Where: Two locations in Downtown Montreal

Check them out here!

Boulangerie Pâtisserie San Pietro 

@boulangeriesanpietroembedded via

Concluding our zeppole tour of Montreal, we're back in St. Leo to experience the San Pietro zeppole. San Pietro is yet another classic Italian bakery that many St. Leo residents swear by. For 35 years, San Pietro has been delivering quality Italian baked goods for the loving people of Montreal.

Where: 1950 Jean-Talon E

Check them out here!

The great thing is that where ever you go, you're bound to find an excellent zeppole in Montreal.

We sincerely hope that you and your friends have an excellent St. Joseph's Day and that you eat PLENTY of zeppole this week.

Buon Appetito!

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