The Biggest Oktoberfest In Quebec Is About To Begin

Autumn is just around the corner! Although we still have another month to go before the official Halloween month begins, no one's complaining about celebrating the new season a little early this year.

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Seriously, who else is ready for all that fall in Montreal has to offer? I'm talking pumpkin picking, haunted houses, the infamous PSL drink and of course the festival we all wait for year round... Oktoberfest!

The festival celebrates one of the greatest activites known and loved by Montrealers. Drinking beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Oktoberfest is usually held at the very end of September to early October, so you'd think we'd still have a bit of a wait before we can celebrate at the world famous festival, right?

Well, you'll be glad to know that you're actually wrong. Oktoberfest De Repentigny, Quebec's largest of all the fests, begins in just a couple weeks! 

For anyone that wants to kick off the new season in the most glorious way possible, you definitely have to be here. The event offers live music, unbelievable food trucks, fun activties and of course - beer! 400 different kinds of beer, to be exact. The best of Quebec's microbreweries will be available to enjoy at this Oktoberfest, so there's really no where else you'll want to be.

Oktoberfest De Repentigny is the ultimate festival for the most incredble fall vibes of the season, and with the amazing lineup of musicians and popular food trucks there you'll seriously wish it never had to end. Really, where else would you be able to find this much deep-fried deliciousness?!

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The Oktoberfest runs from September 7 to 9 with admission starting at just $12 for a day. You even have the opportunity to upgrade your ticket and receive a glass pint that you get to keep for your beer at the event, so what more could you dream for?

For more information on Oktoberfest de Repentigny and to get your ticket, click HERE.

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