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Montreal’s Newest Escape Game Is Now Open In Laval

Test your smarts against the clock.
Montreal’s Newest Escape Game Is Now Open In Laval

Escape games are SUPER popular in Montreal and it’s easy to see why - living out your action film fantasies with a crack team of your friends makes them the most exciting option in entertainment right now. But with so much choice, you want to be sure that the experience you’re signing on for is going to be a great one.

Luckily, that’s a guarantee with Escaparium - the Laval-based family company putting your Lara Croft/Indiana Jones skills to the ultimate test with their highly-innovative puzzles, in a user-led experience that drops you in the heart of the action.

Raking in rave reviews since opening, Escaparium is a must-visit for everybody, from your all-out adrenaline junkies to the more Sudoku-orientated puzzle enthusiasts. Designed for teams of 2-6, their three completely unique scenarios are a perfect balance of creative and accessible, with each one requiring some serious teamwork to beat the 60-minute deadline.

In Heist Today, Hero Tomorrow, you and your pals need to pull out your best bank robber impressions in order to pay the man keeping your family hostage. Their lives literally depend on it, so let’s hope you’ve got what it takes to snatch the heavily-guarded tiara without getting caught.

Choosing The Cup of Eternal Life will land you in the jungles of Peru – more specifically, it’ll land you on sacred Peruvian land and hit you with an ancient curse that can be combated only with a mysterious object hidden in the Temple of the Moon. Find the cup and you lift the curse – fail, and the consequences will be severe, to say the least.

The third scenario, The Hunted, is the-call-is-coming-from-inside-the-house levels of creepy – an FBI agent investigating a serial killer, you find yourself next on the list of victims when you stumble into his booby-trapped apartment. You’ll need to complete your mission before leaving, so think fast!

You’ll never be paired with strangers, leaving you free to form a dream team of friends and family, or an elite corporate team-building crew. Their incredibly immersive games are matched to a range of abilities, so your 12-year-old sister has just as much of a chance at success as your 60-year-old boss.

Escaparium is a family-ran establishment that takes pride in what they do, and it shows. From their beautifully crafted games to their impeccably maintained services, each and every aspect of their business is family-made, making them the height of home-grown talent in the industry.

So if you’re up for a high-stakes challenge, get your game face on and head over to Laval for Escaparium’s fiendishly difficult puzzles and get out before the timer hits zero!

Book your visit now to get in on the action, and don’t forget to check them out on Facebook to see what’s in store!