The Biggest Super Moon Of 2019 Will Be Visible Across Canada Next Week

The major celestial event won't return again until 2020!
The Biggest Super Moon Of 2019 Will Be Visible Across Canada Next Week

Even though 2019 has just begun, it seems like we've already had enough celestial events to last us through the year. In January we welcomed the New Year with a Super "Blood Wolf" Moon, which was the last Lunar Eclipse until 2022. Just last week the Northern Lights illuminated Canadian skies and set the perfect tone for the next star-gazing event to come.

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TL;DR On Tuesday, February 2019, the biggest and brightest Super Moon of the year will be visible across Canada. The "Snow" Moon only appears once a year, with the last Super Moon of the trilogy taking place on March 21, 2019. You'll be able to see the Super Moon with the naked eye both the night before and after its peak. More details below.

Luckily, you won't have to wait too long, as that event begins in less than a week. Yes, the best Super Moon event of 2019 is just a few days away and will be visible to Canadians across the country!

Also known as the "Snow" Moon, due to February typically having the heaviest snowfall out of the entire year (which is obviously the case this year), the Super Moon will appear 15% brighter and 7% larger than an average Moon on the night of February 19, 2019.

Why is it the best Moon of the entire year? Well, according to The Farmer's Almanac, the Super "Snow" Moon is the "nearest, largest, and brightest" of all the Super Moon events of the year. If you miss your chance to catch a glimpse of the giant moon next week, you're going to have to wait until 2020 to see it again!

The full moon will officially peak next Tuesday at 10:53AM EST, but will be equally glorious both the night before and the evening after its peak. This means you won't have to venture outside midday with a telescope to spot the giant moon, but will instead be able to see it with the naked eye during the evening and night!

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If you happen to miss the lunar event, worry not, as there will be one more Super Moon visible across the country on March 21, completing the trilogy of Super Moons slated for 2019. 

Where will you be watching the best Super Moon event of the year from? Let us know!

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