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The Brie & Blueberry Waffle Grilled Cheese Will Have You Saying "Can I Eat One More Please?"

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Waffle in place of bread is perhaps the most genius food trend of the last year, at least in the realm of breakfast brunch. Everybody in the club likes plain old bread, but when its the morning, and you're about to dig into your first meal of the day, and extra layer of decadence is always appreciated, hence our instant adoration with the Brie & Blueberry Waffle Grilled Cheese.

Grilled cheese gets a morning makeover and turns into gooey and fruit-filled dish that will dispel any just-out-of-bed anger. lives up to its namesake with this blue and cheesy (but not blue-cheesy) dish, which truly answers the question of why not waffles?

The ingredient list for this breakfast grilled cheese is all in the name, though there is room to get fancy with it. If you go according to the original recipe, be prepared to make your own homemade blueberry compote, though some good quality blueberry jam will likely suffice. Just slather on some blueberry spread between two ironed-out waffles, layer on the brie, then just throw in the pan for a quick grilled cheese-style fry to get everything all gooey and melted.

Check out thefull recipe here, and feat your eyes on some pics below.

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