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The Brutally Honest Life Of A Professional Exotic Dancer

Here's everything you've ever wanted to know.
The Brutally Honest Life Of A Professional Exotic Dancer

Whenever I see stripper, I ask myself 2 questions.

1. How much for a lap dance?

2. What is like being a stripper?

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Of course, if given the chance I would probably have several more followup questions, which is why I was really happy to have come across this wonderful Reddit AMA.

The Original Poster, has been an exotic dancer for 6 years and before she retires, she decided to answer questions on Reddit.

1. Is it hard to have a bf?


Its funny, a lot of people think dancers are sluts and have sex with everyone they see. But in reality it's the opposite. A lot girls I work with have not had sex in years."

2. What is the weirdest proposition a patron has ever made to you?


3. How often do guys jizz in their pants during a lap dance?


4. What is something you wish you had been told when you started doing exotic dancing?


You never get use to that. And I have witnessed new girls come running back into the dressing room crying because they were touched inappropriately for the first time. And they usually leave and never come back."

5. Are you a good dancer? Does being a good dancer equal more $$$?


6. What's the most money you made in one night?


7. How many times has a customer fallen in love with you?


I don't believe in using people. No matter what job it is. It never makes it okay. They are still real people with real feelings. I always tell them I am happily married and a relationship will never happen. If they choose to move on, that is there is chance. If they still want to buy dances and hang out with me, their choice."

8. What are some of the bigger misconceptions people you meet/know have of the job?


9. On a scale from 1-10 how creepy is it when a patron tries to learn your real name?


10. How will you celebrate the start of 2017?


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