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The Burgers You Need To Eat During Le Burger Week 2013

Burger Week is only a few days away, but that may as well be an eternity. To tide you over, here are a few sneak peekss at some of the bodacious burgers you'll get to chow down on during Burger Week.

Burger Royal

Unveiling only a single photo to excite burger patrons, newish contender Burger Royal entry looks epic in preportions. Enough of those toppings look deep fried and delicious to make it scream greasy goodness.

Deca 77

Here's one burger I can truly vouch for. Deca 77 was gracious enough to give MTL Blog their burger when we shot our Burger Week video interview and man was it good. A blend of meats make up the savory patty, while fresh veggies, smoked cheese, and a fried egg top it off. All together it was hella good.


If less is more, imagine how much more more would be. That's the angle Uniburger seems to be taking with their double beef patty bacon burger entry. Double the meat looks doubley delicious to me.

La Cercle

Not an official contender, La Cercle still got in the spirit of burgers and made a special dessert burger to excite burger lovers for the event. The dessert burger is on a brioche bun with a dark chocolate ganache, a white wine and strawberry jelly patty, and finished off with gouda, bacon, and fresh arugala. Who says burgers can't be sweet?


Don't let the CNE cronut debacle turn you away from JukeBox's sweet and savory creation. JukeBox promises unprecendented sanitation and flavour with their unique cronut creation. You just can't resist a deep fried croissant dough and a scrumptious beef patty with melted cheese, no matter the potential health risks.

Burger Week coverage doesn't stop here. Regularly check back in to MTL Blog for all the delicious updates.

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