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The Canada Post Strike Is Finally Ending But You Still Won't Get Your Christmas Packages On Time

The backlog of packages is now expected to take months to resolve.
The Canada Post Strike Is Finally Ending But You Still Won't Get Your Christmas Packages On Time

Finally, a positive update about the Canada Post strike broke this morning. 

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TL;DR Emergency legislation is being introduced by the Trudeau government in order to force Canada Post strikers back to work. Despite this, an official statement by Canada Post confirms the massive backlog of parcels will take weeks to clear; package delays will carry on into the "foreseeable future."   

According to a report by The Globe & Mail, the Trudeau government introduced legislation that would force Canada Post strikers back to work.

Labour Minister Patty Hajdu affirms this is not normal protocol, but considering the circumstances, introducing this legistation was a necessary final resort.

Hajdu also wishes to fast-track the legislation to end the strikes as soon as possible.

Before you start cheering and breaking out the credit cards to shop online, know that this doesn't mean you will actually get your packages on time.

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Even if the legislation is fast-tracked, it can still take several days to pass. On top of that, a massive backlog of pacakges has already piled up across Canada, and it will take weeks, even months to clear them.

Now in their fifth week, CUPW’s rotating strikes continue in southwestern Ontario and Kelowna BC. Canada Post warns customers that it is not able to honour delivery standards due to massive backlogs:

November 20, 2018

This information comes straight from Canada Post.

In a recent statement, the agency says it "is advising commercial customers and Canadians that mail and parcels in or entering its network will have long and unpredictable delays before being delivered."

They go on to say "this is likely to be the situation for the foreseeable future, meaning the next several weeks, including the peak holiday season and through January 2019."

In addition, according to their statement, Canada Post says any packages coming from or going to Toronto and the rest of Southwestern Ontario are going to be the most affected by the delays. 

This strike couldn't have come at a worse time. It looks like residents of Southwestern Ontario should most definitely hit the mall for Christmas shopping this year. And if you want to guarantee presents under the tree, so should you.

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