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The Canadian Equivalent Of Popular U.S. Vacation Destinations

Boycott Trump, travel local.
The Canadian Equivalent Of Popular U.S. Vacation Destinations

Many Canadians this summer are going to be staying north of the border in an effort to boycott Trump.

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Although we Canadians love our imported goods, and we love a good 'ol fashioned trip down to the New England coast, at some point, we have to draw the line.

So - if you're one of those people who's really looking to swear off everything and anything American, here are the spots you can travel too all within Canada, that will give you the exact same experience as a trip down south.

1. Instead of Florida visit the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Why you should go: I do agree that it's hard to find a spot in Canada that compares to the sandy tropical beaches of South Florida. And although we don't have palm trees here in Canada, we do have beautiful majestic coniferous trees and some insanely beautiful crystal clear turquoise lakes that make the beaches of South Florida look like a deflated kiddy pool.

2. Instead of Maine visit the beaches of New Brunswick

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Why you should go: Maine is known for it's quaint New England charm and untamed rugged and rocky north Atlantic coast beaches, great for surfing, fishing, and all kinds of water-sports. However, a similar style beach can be found right here in Canada. The province of New Brunswick, although small, is known around Canada for its extream tides and whale watching. It's a beauty to visit in the summer and all Eastern Canadian should visit at least once in their life.

3. Instead of going to Cape Cod visit Prince Edward Island

Why you should go: Cape Cod is not only known for their awesome kettle chips but beautiful sandy beaches, lighthouses, and quaint New England charm. Travel to the Maritimes and you will find exactly the same thing at Prince Edward Island. PEI has over 60 lighthouses along its sandy beaches and plenty of seafood and charm busting out the seams of this stunning maritime province.

4. Instead of Disney World visit Canadas Wonderland

Why you should go: Canada's Wonderland is located right outside of downtown Toronto and is known as being Canada's premiere amusement park. Featuring 70 rides, which includes 16 roller coasters, although this place is not run by Disney, it's huge.

5. Instead of visiting New Hampshire visit the mountains of Alberta's Banff National Park instead

Why you should go: People who love the peaceful nature of a mountain retreat flock to rocky and tranquil mountains of New Hampshire every year for their summer vacations. Although the hikes are beautiful there, you can hop a plane and visit some of the most beautiful mountains in the WORLD at Banff National Park in the same time amount of time it would take you to drive to New Hampshire.

6. Instead of Connecticut visit Nova Scotia instead

Why you should go: The southern border of Connecticut is a popular destination for beach-goers because of it's long sandy shores, warm tranquil waters, and small-town charm. Well, you can have all of that and more by visiting beautiful Nova Scotia, one of Canada's most stunning maritime provinces and prized gems. The water may be a tad colder, but the charm will just blow you away.

7. Instead of Vermont visit the Laurentian region of Quebec

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Why you should go: Vermont AKA "the green mountain state" is not only known for its beautiful mountains, but wild rivers, secret swimming holes, and charming lake towns. Montrealers just love going to Vermont. However, if you drive just 1-hour north you will find the Laurentian region of Quebec has pretty much all the same things to offer. Head to Rawdon for river swimming, or to Tremblant for sandy lakeside chilling. Everything you need and more in our own backyard.

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