The Canadian Government's New Anti-Marijuana Ad Is The Most Hilarious Thing You Will See This Week

We thought things were getting better. We thought the harsh stance people take aginst marijuana, claiming it to be a harmful drug that only breeds negative consequences, was being demolished with a more modern and unbiased perception taking its place. That may be true in Montreal, with the city now home to Quebec's first marijuana clinic, but the same can't be said for the rest of Canada, as you'll see in the video below.

Created by the Government of Canada, the video in question is basically a PSA telling viewers that marijuana is evil, especially when used by teenagers. Basically, the it's a modernized and condensed version of Reefer Madness from the 1930s.

Propaganda at its finest, the video has a pseudo-scientific vibe to it, making it seem like weed has been clinically proven to be harmful to the minds of a youth. The Government of Canada obviously hasn't been following up on recent research on marijuana use, because this study shows that smoking marijuana, even when you're a teen, affects the brain, but doesn't damage it in the slightest.

Whether you smoke weed or not, approve of it or hate it, don't let an incredibly biased video like the one below inform your opinion. If anything, just watch it and think of it as satire...if only that were the case.

The Huffington Post also hasan amazing response to this video, and the Canadian government's plea for parents to "get the facts," which is contradictory, as Canada has yet to legalize marijuana because there aren't enough facts. The federal government says it can't approve of cannabis until more clinical trials are enacted on the drug's effect on a person, but apparently enough have been done to disapprove of weed. Gotta love one-sided logic.

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