The Charming "Cider Mill" Near Montreal You Must Road Trip To This Fall

You deserve some adult apple juice!
The Charming "Cider Mill" Near Montreal You Must Road Trip To This Fall

Although the weather randomly decided to strike us with a heat wave this week after months of cold rainy summer weather, fall is still on it's way!

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It may not feel like it but in a week or so the weather is going to cool right off again and BAM we'll be walking on paths of golden leaves, wearing our cozy sweaters and drinking tea in the evenings! 

Doesn't that just sound like a dream? Well, those aren't the only great things about fall. There's also fall road trips and apples! This spot combines both of them into one amazing day trip! 

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This super charmingcider mill called Ciderie Michel Jodoin is only 43 mins from Montreal and is definitely the perfect fall road trip! 

Not only do they have rows and rows of apple trees that you can wander through and their apple fields, they also brew their own cider and have tons of different flavours for purchase on-site!

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You can grab a 4-pack of your favourite cider, choose from a menu of yummy poutines and other amazing meals, and sit amongst the bright red apple trees and relax! What could be more perfectly fall than that? 

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Some of the amazing cider flavours available are their rose cider, sparkling cider, ice ciders and more! There's also tons of hiking trails through the stunning fall foliage all around the cider mill. 

They also offer guided tours through the cider mill itself so you can see how they make each bottle! Then enjoy a tasting of their most popular flavours.

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Check out their website for more information. 

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