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The Charming Hidden Gelato Cafe In Montreal's Plateau You Need To Discover Immediately

It's the perfect place to relax.
The Charming Hidden Gelato Cafe In Montreal's Plateau You Need To Discover Immediately

With the multitude of ever-popular restaurants, bars, and cafes in the ultra-trendy Plateau, it's hard to imagine that any place qualifies as 'hidden' or undiscovered. Often times, even if you think your favourite spot is a well-kept secret, chances are it's been lauded by foodies and cafe hoppers at some point.

But humour me for a moment. If you take a stroll down Prince Arthur street, past all the cute terrasses, you'll arrive in front of Saint-Louis square. This lovely little square is a quiet haven from the city, surrounded by adorable, colourful houses that are typical of the Plateau. And right at the entrance of the square, you'll see a beautiful building that you may think is the park's maintenance or administrative office.

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Well, my friends, this is not a plain old park office. This little building is actually a cafe, aptly called Le Kiosque, or "Le K" for short. I know, I know - you probably don't believe me. Because if you've ever walked through the square in the early morning or late evening, you've probably only seen the building closed.

Plus, there is no obvious "Le K" sign, or really any indication that it's a cafe at all. But I assure you, during the day, this little spot is bustling with people enjoying a cup of gelato or a coffee on one of their colourful patio sets.

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So, now that you know I'm not messing with you, let's get on to the greatness that is Le K. I can't think of a better setting for a nice coffee or croissant; Saint-Louis square is home to tall trees, a gorgeous fountain, and adorable homes that you can admire from the little terrasse outside the cafe.

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Le K offers the typical cafe choices, such as a range of coffee drinks, croissants, and sandwiches. Best of all, they also offer some great gelato, and the fruit flavours are on point. It's really the perfect place for an afternoon pick-me-up, a late lunch, or a place to enjoy your morning coffee.

An even more appealing feature? The little book drop that rests outside the door. I've seen these 'take a book leave a book' stands all over the Plateau, and they're such a great idea, especially during the summer when you tend to go through books pretty fast. Basically, Le K has it all set up for you - show up bored and tired, and they've got a great latte and a book to reenergize you.

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So, the next time you find yourself looking for a place to relax on a sunny afternoon, head to this little hidden gem. Grab your favourite snack, pick a novel to get lost in, maybe play some chess - yes, they have chess boards - and take a well deserved break.

With the long lines and crowds at many of the Plateau's most popular spots, sometimes you need something a little more low key. That's exactly what you'll find at Le K, a truly unique and serene spot in the middle of this bustling neighbourhood.

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