The Cheapest Ways To Travel And Escape Canadian Winter In 2018

Now that the holidays are over, Canada moves out of the “winter wonderland” part of the season, where all the snow and cold is almost enjoyable, and into the “please end this suffering” part of winter otherwise known as January, February, and March. 

The pain of an everlasting winter never really lessens after each and every year. So, Canadians across the country have a pretty simple solution: go on vacation somewhere warm. 

A brief respite from the harsh winds of winter is almost a necessity, if you can afford it. Unfortunately, not all Canadians are packing wallets big enough to warrant a quick jaunt to the Bahamas in mid-February. 

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But while certain destinations are out of your budget, that doesn’t mean all warm locales are beyond your price range. Play it smart and you can affordably escape the winter this year. 

Travel search engine KAYAK, using data collected from Canadian travellers over the last year, has outlined some of the best travel hacks and ways to save if you want to escape the cold this year. 

We’ve compiled some of the most relevant travel hacks for Canadians looking to travel during the winter season below, along with the ten international destinations that have seen the largest price-drops over the last year. 

Fly In February To Save

Never travel internationally during December or July, the two busiest months for flights heading outside of Canada. July is actually the most expensive months, with flights costing more than $1000. Instead, fly in February, when prices drop to a median of below $670.

Head To The U.S.

Getting warm doesn’t mean you have to travel to the Caribbean or Cuba. There are plenty of American cities that enjoy warm climates and some have become cheaper to fly to in the last year. These warmer cities include Dallas, Palm Springs, and Tampa, all of which experienced price drops of about 9% compared to last year.

Don’t Forget About The West

While the west end of Canada isn’t super warm right now, it’s definitely hotter than the polar vortex temperatures we’ve been experiencing. Heading out west to a spot like Kelowna, British Columbia may save you some cash, as flight prices to the locale dropped by at least 30% since last year.

Wait Until Summer To Fly In Canada

Okay, this isn’t a winter travel hack, but it is worth mentioning. Flying within Canada is usually ridiculously expensive, but that could change by this summer, when new low cost carriers start offering flights to Canadian destinations and even to Europe and the U.S. And if you are going to take a domestic flight, do so in April, when median airfare is at it’s cheapest.

And, last but not least, below you’ll find a list of the top ten “deal destinations” for Canadians. These are destinations that have decreased in price year-over-year, with the price drop listed beside the city.

1. Male, Maldives (flight prices down 31%) 2. Boston, Massachusetts (prices down 19%) 3. Dallas, Texas (prices down 16%) 4. Palm Springs, California (prices down 15%) 5. Chicago, Illinois (prices down 12%) 6. Denver, Colorado (prices down 11%) 7. Jacksonville, Florida (prices down 11%) 8. Belize City, Belize (prices down 11%) 9. Copenhagen, Denmark (prices down 10%) 10. Tampa, Florida (prices down 9%)