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The Cheeseburger Poutine You Will Probably End Up Eating During A Moment Of Weakness

When two great foods collide, resistance is futile.
The Cheeseburger Poutine You Will Probably End Up Eating During A Moment Of Weakness

Photo cred - BK Canada

A new player is entering the Montreal poutine-scene, and we're both excited and horrified. Burger King, who has long offered a standard poutine and bacon-version, has just released the city's latest cheese-gravy-fry creation: the Poutine à la burger.

That is the official title, as the American burger chain is going the French-ish route with the naming of their new poutine, which will only be sold in Canada. French wouldn't fly in 'merica, and BK can count on the nation actually understanding the title, though if that's how they're going to try and hook in the Canadian market after buying out Tim Hortons, they best do it with a solid poutine.

Counting in at a respectable(y gargantuan) 880 calories per serving, the Poutine à la burger is comprised of BK's standard fries, cheese curds, brown gravy, chopped up beef, pickles, and topped with squirts of mustard and ketchup. Putting condiments on poutine is sacrilege to some poutine-snobs, which may make for a bad start for BK's newest menu item.

BK's new poutine has been catching fire on the interwebs, with everyone making a "OMG grizz osss!" or "Y to the UM" or "dem calories doe" or another kind of predictably annoying comment on twitter or Facebook. We can't really make a call 'til we've dug into the Poutine à la burger, but we can say BK will definitely have to perform to wow Montrealers, otherwise known as the harshest of poutine-critics.

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