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The "Christmas Lights Festival" Just Outside Of Montreal You Need To Visit This Holiday Season

Walking in a winter wonderland!
The "Christmas Lights Festival" Just Outside Of Montreal You Need To Visit This Holiday Season
Festi Lumière Aquarium du Quebec

Now that we are officially in the first of the autumn months, most of us can't help but begin to plan our Christmas activities for the season ahead.

Yes, the time of joyfulness and wintry festivties is still considerably far away, but it's hard to resist the ideas of Christmas trees, decorations, presents and of course... the beloved Christmas festivals!

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There are always quite a few of these festive fairs each year, so there's never a problem finding something to do in the snowy months. But what's the ultimate event that you need to go to herald in the best holiday vibes of the year? 

Via Aquarium du Quebec

Well, you definitely don't want to missFesti Lumière that will be taking place in Quebec City this winter.

The annual festival boasts over 500,000 LED lights that create an unbelievable Christmas "village" you really won't want to miss out on visiting. Not only that, but you'll also be able to enjoy music, fun, and festive projections and many different themes to make any holiday fanatic feel like they're in absolute paradise. 

A magical fairy welcomes you as you enter the event, you're also greeted by many mascots and other "enchanted" Christmas folk as you walk through the breathtaking spectacle of lights. If you end up getting a bit chilly, Festi Lumière has got you covered with outdoor fireplaces perfect for warming up while still enjoying the festival.

@mmmaudeeebdembedded via  

The incredible festival is held at the Aquariam du Québec, so expect a lot of the light arrangements to be aquatic and marine-life themed. The festival also hosts snow tubing so if you were looking for a bit of adventure to boost your christmas spirit you will be in the right place.

The drive to this amazing event is only 2 hours from Montreal, and with festival dates about to be announced you'll definitely want to plan your trip ASAP.

To find out more about Quebec City's Festi Lumière, click HERE.

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