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The City Of Montreal Will Be Completely Shut Down This Weekend

Formula E is taking over!
The City Of Montreal Will Be Completely Shut Down This Weekend

I hope you have somewhere nice and cosy to spend the weekend because you're definitely not going to want to be driving around anywhere near the downtown area.

Formula E is taking over the city starting Saturday July 29th, which means one thing, lots of street closures. 

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The route starts take place on the following streets: Rene Levesque / Papineau / Viger / Notre-Dame / Saint-Antoine / Berri.

One thing's for sure you will definitely want to stay as far away as possible from the downtown area.

Here is a map of the race circuit:

Keep in mind that every surrounding street will be completely gridlocked by traffic, and every major artery nearby will be affected as well. 

Residents and business owners in the area have already been complaining and the race only starts on Saturday. So unless you're attending the race, stay as far away as you can.  


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