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The City Of Montreal Cancels This Summer's "Car Free Day"

Because money, obviously.
The City Of Montreal Cancels This Summer's "Car Free Day"

Bad news for mother nature and all pedestrians/cyclists (good news for drivers?) as the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (AMT) is putting the kibosh on Car Free Day, as announced on the AMT blog a few days ago.

Money woes and a lack of budget are cited as the main reason behind shutting down Car Free Day, which has been going on for the past 11 years. Cheers to Andy Riga for cutting out and highlighting the excerpt below, which outlines the AMT's decision:

While the AMT did stress how Car Free Day benefited the city by making people aware of the harmful effects automotive transportation and promoting greener ways to get around, it looks as if that doesn't matter as much as moolah.

The AMT's blog devoted to Car Free Day, acting as a forum for discussion on alternative modes of transportation, is also getting the cut.  A harsh double blow to environmental awareness, as the Car Free Day initiative is simultaneously losing its online and offline presence in Montreal.

Kind of sucks Montreal is losing a cool outdoor event that actually had a purpose, one that not only applied to the city but also had a global focus. Maybe one day we'll see the resurrection of Car Free Day, when the AMT has mo' money, of course.

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