The City Of Montreal Confirms Why Our Construction Workers Are The Worst In Canada

As a born and raised Montrealer I basically grew up in a pothole.

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All jokes aside, we are all cognizant of the questionable quality of Montreal roads.

The difference between driving through an Ontario city and Montreal is like night and day, literally.

Montreal roads suffer from something I call "PPP" - Perpetual Pothole Problem.

Montrealers love to bitch and moan about it over their 5 a 7 beers.  Complaining about the shoddy construction in Montreal is our favorite sport.

That said, a recent report released by the Montreal inspector general’s office has shed light on the underlying cause for the questionable quality of our roads.

I'm happy to tell you that our assumptions are officially validated by this report.

To sum up the cause in two words: Poor supervision.

The surveillance work is performed by engineers from private firms that are contracted by the city of Montreal.

The Montreal Gazette reported that the inspector general's office investigation found on several sites that contracted construction supervisors lacked "rigor."

In short, there are quality standards in place set by the city, however, those in charge of the construction team are not necessarily upholding those standards.

The audit evaluated 83 road paving and sidewalk construction sites, and each site at least one issue was identified that was overlooked and tolerated by the site supervisor.

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Although the findings of this report are not necessarily new news, this investigation has officially put the underlying issue in black and white on paper, which is the first step to move toward a solution.

We can only hope that the city's administration will respond to this report and take the proper actions to uphold quality standards for construction.

TL;DR: Construction site audit reveals contracted construction supervisors are overlooking improper and even shoddy work.


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