The City Of Montreal FINALLY Has Its Very Own Emojis

The world of Emojis is infinitely vast. But as a blogger in Montreal, I often find myself needing certain specific Emojis that simply don't exist.

I'm talking about Montreal Emojis.

After all, you can find the Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower and even a Japanese Castle, but nothing for Montreal.

So instead of sitting around hoping for someone else to do it, I decided to create my own set of Montreal Emojis.

Photo cred - travelyourself

 The Poutine

The Quebec Flag

The Pothole

The Habs

The Olympic Stadium

Photo cred - bbqboy

The Orange Cone

The Opus Card

The Fat Squirrel

The Metro Logo

(Beer) Labatt Blue

Photo cred - chezschwartzfilm

The Smoked Meat

The Montreal Bagel

The Hipster

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