The City Of Montreal Has Officially Banned E-Cigarettes

You may not be affected, for now.
The City Of Montreal Has Officially Banned E-Cigarettes

Photo cred - jaehee kim

E-cig bans are all the rage these days, and the City of Montreal has officially jumped on the vap-hating bandwagon, with the introduction of an official ban on all electronic cigarettes. Fortunately, for all you vapers reading right now, the ban only prohibits city workers from smoking e-cigs, at least for now.

No longer able to vape it up in any Montreal-owned building or vehicle, the city began enforcing the ban on its employees as of yesterday, according to The Gazette. Justifying the prohibition, the city stated that e-cigs should be treated just like regular cigs, no matter if they have nicotine in them or not.

You may be sitting pretty smoking your e-cig wherever you like right now, but apparently the province of Quebec is planning an official ban on e-cigarettes that could come into effect in the near future. Much like Montreal's ban, e-cigs would be treated like any other tobacco product, and thus not allowed indoors and in public spaces.

Word is the STM is also looking to adopt a no-vaping policy, set to be enforced sometime in 2015. With Montreal-Nord's borough-wide ban, and the many educational institutions that have similarly banned e-cigs on campus, it looks like Montreal will no longer be a haven for vaping by year's end.