Montreal Is Hosting Quebec's Largest "Beer Week"

Get ready to drink your face off!
Montreal Is Hosting Quebec's Largest "Beer Week"

Festivals are out, "weeks" are in. Okay, so "weeks" have always been "in" since we have 52 of them every year (and are always in one, let that sink in for a sec) but I'm talking more about the influx of themed weeks we now have in Montreal.

There's Poutine Week, Burger Week, Steamé Week, Mac & Cheese Week, and Italian Week to name a few, but the list doesn't stop there. No madam, because Montreal is getting a brand new themed week this spring, and it's all about everyone's favourite alcoholic beverage.

A collaborative event organized between six Montreal-based purveyors of quality brews, Montreal Beer Week 2016 is "one magical week to explore your city, discover new venues and taste awesome craft beers."

How that will play out, exactly, remains to be seen, as there isn't much listed on Beer Week's setlist of events, but that doesn't make us any less excited.

We do know, however, that an inaugural event will be held at Atwater Market which promises to be a veritable "beer festival." Tons of quality craft brews will be on-site for you to taste, all from local Quebec breweries. As will tons of food because this is Atwater Market, after all.

More events and promotions will undoubtedly be released once Beer Week 2016 draws closer, but if the Atwater Market's beer festival is an accurate prelude of things to come, the event is going to be a solid seven days of beer drinking.

Montreal Beer Week 2016 is going down on April 29th to May 8th. For more details, head to the official Facebook page here.

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