Montreal Is Putting "Do Not Park Here" Stickers On Bikes Around The City

Watch where you park your bike.

Photo cred - Iron S. Pray-Paint

A bike thief could be anyone walking down the street, so if your bike gets stolen, everyone is a suspect, even the City of Montreal, apparently. One Montrealer tipped us off that the City of Montreal has been placing little stickers on parked bikes asking the bicycle to be removed, lest the bike be taken away.

Having parked the bike in question on a designated Stationnement de Montréal bike rack-pole, a "do not park here" sticker seems a little strange, but that's besides the point.

The thing is, when your bike is randomly removed from where you parked it, would you ever think to call the city? Probably not, as you'd just think someone stole it, and then proceed to be pissed for no longer being able to enjoy the Montreal's many bike paths.

In defense of the City of Montreal, the sticker was just a warning, telling the cyclist not to park at that the specific pole again. Looking at the pics, the reason for the no-parking mandate is probably because the bike ring on the pole was broken. Still, a sticker should probably be placed on the pole itself, telling people not to post up their bike, rather than tag the bike afterwards.

Besides, given the city's statement in Part I of their Master Plan, they should be "taking action on the supply of parking" for bikes, and not just telling people to never park in a specific place again.

Rules and regulations for biking in the city, including parking, can be a bit complicated. As a reference, check out Velo Quebec's parking guide for bikes. Just remember to call into the city the next time your bike is nabbed, you might have just missed the warning sticker.

Photo cred - Iron S. Pray-Paint

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